The contracts for goods and services within the frame of the Municipal Infrastructure Development Project are concluded with full transparency adhering to the best practices of the World Bank.
A supplier of goods/contractor of services is selected after carrying out an international or national bidding procedure for all procurement projects more than 75 000 euros. Contracts of 1 500 000 euros or more and the first two contacts, regardless of their value, are subject to a preliminary review by the World Bank. Prequalification is needed for construction works estimated to be equal to or more than 7 500 000 euros. The tenders will not have a clause for preference of local goods or services.
Consultancy services are going to be awarded pursuant to the last version of the Guidelines for Selcetion and hiring Consultants by the Borrowers of the World Bank.
For each tender the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, by means of a special order of the respective Deputy-Minister, summons a Tender Committee consisting of 3 to 7 memebers. The committee evaluates the submitted tender proposals according to the technical and qualification criteria in the bidding documents and recommends a contractor for contract conclusion. 
The invitation to tender or the invitation for interest is published in at least one national newspaper of major circulation and on the MRDPW web site in accordance with the rules of the World Bank. The bids are opened publicly in a place at MRDPW specified beforehand. The bidding documents and terms of reference for all tender procedures are prepared by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with the consultants’ assistance.  
Tenderers are provided with the necessary information as admission criteria, basis for the tender, language and currency of the proposals, general validity of the evaluation objectives, security requirements for the proposals, qualification criteria, etc. There are requirements for ensuring efficient time for the receipt of the bidding documents and preparation of the proposals by the tenderers – at least 6 weeks for international tender procedures and at least 1 month for national ones.
All submitted proposals are recorced in a register.
Only the Tender Committee is entitled to open the proposals. During this procedure a report is kept and it is sent to the World Bank after public opening of the proposals, i.e. the tenderers can be present. The evaluation procedure takes place immediately after their opening. 

The Tender Committee writes an evaluation report which should contain at least the following information:
- Full description of the evaluation process;
- Reasons for the rejection of a proposal;
- Methodology for the application of the evaluation criteria;
- Methiodology for verification of the winner’squalification.

PIU is obliged to keep a dossier for each element of the project tenders with a written description of decision-making process and the justification for the decisions.

A contract is signed in the validity framework of the proposals of a tendere who has offered a proposal that (а) in in full conformity with requirements of the bidding documentation (б) has the lowest price. The contract with thetenderer who has win is signed after getting the necessary performance bond.

The contracts have numbers which are recorded in a register that is used for monitoring the progress of the contracts under implementation.
In two week after the contract conclusion PIU published the results from the tender and the number of lots in UN Development Business online and dgMarket together with the following information: (а) the name of each tenderer; (b) the amounts of the proposals as they have been read at their opening (c) the names of the tenderers whose proposals have been rejected and explanation about the rejection and (d) the name of the winner, the propsed price, delivery deadline and a short description of the scope of the contract.


Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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