The monitoring of the Municipal Infrastructure Development Project implementation is performed by the Project Implementation Unit that writes regular reports about the achievement of the project objectives. 

The monitoring is related to the direct supervision of the activities, deliveries of materials, rendering of consultancy services, funding and follow-up of the indicators for the life-cycle of the project. The results of the project are estimated through various qualitative and quantitave indicators.
The framework of the results and the monitoring define the interim and final results pf the project. MRDPW works for the duly achievement of these results together with the World Bank.
The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works together with the World Bank regularly reviews the Project objectives implementation as well as the overall results of the Project and compares them to the indicators that received a positive assessment.
At the completion of the Project the World Bank compiles a Report for the Completion of the Project Implementation. The report assesses (а) the extent up to which the Project has achieved its development objective and the results in accordance with the project documentation; (b) other significant results and impact; (c) prospects for project sustainability, and (d) the work of the Bank and the Borrower, including the implementation of the respective preventive measures and policies of the Bank’s activities.

Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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