The implementation of the Municipal Infrastructure Development Project requires the preparation of the following documents before the assessment of the Project by the Government of Bulgaria:
1. Environmental framework of the Project for all proposed sub-projects;

2. Report for a wide-ranging environmental analysis, which covers in short terms an assessment of the environmental status of the sites and an assessment of the possible environmental impacts related to the completion and operation of the three proposed dam projects;
3. Plans for environmental management for investments in the rehabilitation of water-distribution networks where the contractual clauses are to be clarified for the construction works containing the application of technical standards and other requirements related to the construction stage.

The policy and procedures of precaution of the World Bank applicable for the proposed project are in conformity with the Bulgarian regulations for dam safety. The Bulgarian legislation and the policy of the Bank will be observed during the design, construction and operation of the dams; the legislation and the policy are specified by the following preventive policies:

OP/BP 4.37 – Safety of the dams.
OP/BP 4.04 Natural habitats
ОР/ВР 4.01 Environmental assessment
OP/BP 7.50 Projects for International Water Ways – if there is any (Neykovtsi dam).
ОР/ВР 4.36  Forestry
OP/BP 4.11 Cultural heritage – in towns with historic and/or archeological sites.

The preventive procedures should guarantee that the activities in the Project are in conformity with the national legislation on environment and with the policy of the World Bank in this sphere and guarantee that all possible impacts will be taken into account and will be managed by applying the respective guidelines and monitoring.

The environmental components to be affected by the future construction works have considerably changed and they have already been affected by the earlier construction works and other anthropogenic impacts. Regardless of all that, the conclusions in the environmental impact assessments are that there are no critical habitats to be affected unfavourably or endangered species.
Environmental management plans guarantee adequate measure for mitigating negative impact.


At the completion of the dams the provisions of good construction practice are kept:

  • Restoration of the sites after the completion of the construction;
  • Environmental protection and monitoring during the construction;
  • Conformity with the Framework Water EC Directives and the Bulgarian legislation;

The category of the environmental assessments for each sub-site involved in the investments for the construction and rehabilitation of the dams (Component 3) will be confirmed during the project implementation after the completion of all technical details (feasibility studies, detailed design).

Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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