The Plovdivtsi Dam is ready - the first for potable water in the last 30 years

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Plovdivtsi zavurshen

The first potable water dam, built in the last 30 years - Plovdivtsi,is ready and a use permission has been issued. The  facility will provide clean potable water for over 40,000 people in Rudozem and the region. This was announced by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Petya Avramova during a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Policy, Public Works and Local Self-Government.

 Plovdivtsi zavarshen1

The Republican road network is 20 thousand km, and the water supply network - 90 thousand km or 4.5 times more. This infrastructure has been designed for a population of 9 million and for other industry characteristics. Due to the demographic crisis, the population is around 7 million, with industrial water consumption reduced at times, but the resources needed to support the network are growing and they are a fact, regardless of the number of people living in a given place. Due to the changed situation, the regulations in the sector need to be updated and therefore a Law on Water Supply and Sewerage is being prepared, Minister Avramova announced. The preparation of investments in more than 400 sites in 15 administrative districts of the country, which will be made by water supply and sewerage companies with 1.9 billion leva from Operational Program Environment 2014-2020, is in an advanced stage.

Deputy Minister Nikolay Nankov announced that in the last four years MRDPW has invested BGN 75 million in water supply and sewerage infrastructure. Over the same period, more than BGN 332 million were reinvested by the water and sewerage operators themselves. Separately, in the period 2007-2013, 51 treatment plants and hundreds of kilometers of water supply and sewage network were constructed or rehabilitated through the European funds, EMEPA and the budget throughout the country. One of the major challenges facing the water and sewerage sector is the resources scarcity. According to World Bank analysis, the needs are BGN 11 billion. The public-private partnerships and concessions topic is not on the agenda, Deputy Minister Nankov said. The preparation of the Law on Water Supply and Sewerage will respect the principle of maintaining the social affordability of the services price. There will also be a mechanism for vulnerable groups to benefit from potable water assistance.

Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova reported that about 25% of the Operational Program "Regions for Growth" resource has already been utilized, reported and restored by the European Commission. Overall, over 86% of its budget was agreed. More than 80% is the negotiation of funds under the five cross-border cooperation programs. Preparatory future measures are also underway. Bulgaria is expected to receive an increase in resources after 2020. European funding for the next regional development program is projected to be around BGN 1.464 billion, to which national co-financing will be added. It is envisaged that 6% of the resource will be directed to the development of 10 of the largest cities, and the rest of the funds will be directed to territorial development projects. The draft program should be ready by the end of March 2020.

The possibility of expanding regional development councils will be sought. It is envisaged that they will assume complementary functions and assist the managing authorities of the operational programs.


Source: MRDPW Website

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