The Opening of Plovdivtsi Dam is Forthcoming – the First Drinking Water Dam Built in the Past 30 Years

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The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov inspected the construction of Plovdivtsi Dam near the village of Plovdivtsi, Municipality of Rudozem. The official opening of the dam
will be this year, as such type of site is the first to be built in Bulgaria for the past three decades.

Minister Nankov reported that as of today more than 90% of the planned project activities have been implemented. Impoundment activities currently are being carried out, confirmed Minister Nankov. Finishing works on the relocation of an existing road for access to agricultural and forest properties outside the sanitary-protection zone are ongoing, as well as completion of the gallery after the Shaft overflow. The dam has a volume of 2.45 million cubic meters and has been designed for water supply of Rudozem and Madan, as well as more than 30 settlements in the Central Rhodopes with approximate population of 40,000 inhabitants. The construction of the hydropower plant includes a dam wall, shaft overflow, combined with Water tower, Bottom outlet, Potable Water Treatment Plant, etc. The value of the construction works is BGN 47.4 million. The dam is part of the "Municipal Infrastructure Development Project" of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works with the World Bank amounting to BGN 170 million.

Source: MRDPW Website

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