Minister Lilyana Pavlova: For the first time in Bulgaria a repairing of dam will be carried out without the need of its draining

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For the first time in Bulgaria a dam which is in operation will be repaired without draining it. More than 90% of the repairs will be implemented under water. This has been announced by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova, who had signed a contract for rehabilitation of Studena dam.

The water site provides potable water for over 100 thousand people in Pernik and Batanovtsi, 9 villages in the region and a number of industrial enterprises. A deterioration of water quality during construction works would not be allowed as a constant monitoring will be carried out, assured the Regional Minister. The contract had also been signed by Mr. Eugen Popa, a representative of the selected construction contractor - Consortium "Hidrokonstruktsiya-Hidepito Soletanzh Bashi Melyalapozo (HBM) -Karpi." The company has very extensive experience in hydraulic engineering and over 50 completed projects in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
The dam has been in operation since 1955, over the past 61 years it has not been rehabilitated which results in various defects. A disruption of the dam slopes coating, footbridge and water intake tower has been found. Also the hydro mechanical equipment of the dam is technically outdated and depreciated. In time these defects progress leading to the necessity of timely rehabilitation of the water - power system. With performance of the rehabilitation the lifespan and safety of the dam will be continued. The construction works are funded by the "Municipal Infrastructure Development Project" from the World Bank and the state budget. The value of the construction contract is approximately 32 million leva. The contract is for 24 months and the activities are expected to be completed in October 2018. The rehabilitation of the dam has been planned to be implemented by laying of geomembrane on the upstream slope, restoration of concrete surface, strengthening of water intake tower with reinforced concrete casing, repair of water-pressure main and main outlet as well as replacement of technical equipment. "The chemical composition of the membrane is absolutely harmless to human health. It has a service life of at least 50 years", explained Minister Pavlova. Nearly 4 million will be invested in modernization and rehabilitation of the potable water treatment plant to the dam, according to the latest standards. The actual work will start in two months after the teams gain access to the site and after verification by SANS, because of the national importance of the facility and the strengthening of the security measures.
Any risk for the population in the surrounding settlements will be eliminated with the start of the repair activities. Technical and operational sustainability of the dam and the facilities will be increased, the risk of accidents will be minimized and the water safety and water supply quality will be increased. The volume of Studena dam is 25.2 million CM, the dam’s abutment is concrete, type "Nyotsli" with a height of 53 meters and a crown length of 259 meters.
In turn Mr. Eugen Popa noted that the company plans to complete the rehabilitation earlier as he intends to use the services of local construction workers, machinery and materials. He assured that the highest standards of quality and safety will be applied.
Resident Representative of the World Bank Tony Thompson, who was among the official guests at the signing, stressed that the Studena dam is extremely important, and repairs will be unique and incomparable to other similar facilities, and the process will not interrupt the water supply of Pernik. "I congratulate the Minister Lilyana Pavlova for the persistence in pursue of the government's plan to modernize and strengthen the WS sector. I assure that the World Bank support will continue", he said.
Welcoming has been made by the Mayor of Pernik, Vyara Tserovska, who noted that the rehabilitation of Studena dam is an expression of great concern of the government to Pernik Municipality. "In the context of the earthquake that Pernik has experienced the project is important for the safety of the municipality", she said. The governor of Pernik Alexander Alexandrov also said that repairs will ensure the security and strength of the water site.

More information can be found in the website of MRDPW.

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