Municipal Infrastructure Development Project

Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (MIDP) is implemented by the Ministry of Regional Development  through the Project Implementation Unit.

The Project comprises the following three components:

Component 1: Project Implementation Support Assitance.

Component 2: Preparation of Regional Water and Waste Water Master Plans covering the whole of Bulgaria, with the exclusion of Sofia City.

Component 3: Provision of works and goods related to Completion and Rehabilitation of Dams: (i) completion of Luda Yana dam, including its associated water treatment plant; (ii) completion of Plovdivtsi dam, including its associated water treatment plant; (iii) completion of Studena dam, and (iv) rehabilitation of Studena water treatment plant.

The long-term objective of the Project is to improve the condition of the water supply infrastructure in Bulgaria and to ensure the planning of its long-term development. Its implementation will help Bulgaria to conform the provisions of the European Directives about portable water supply.

The value of the project is 87 449 375 euros, 80% of it is is a loan provided for the Republic of Bulgaria by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the World Bank) and the remaining 20% are from the state budget. The project was concluded in 2010 and has three amendments that determine its current scope and deadline, according to which the Loan Agreement "Municicpal Infrastructure Development Project" expires on December 31, 2019.

The main objective of Municipal Infrastructure Development Project is to improve the quality and guarantee constant water supply and sewerage services in Bulgaria and to improve the capacity for investment planning in the water sector.

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The Managing Authority of Municipal Infrastructure Development Project is the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. The Project Implementation Unit at MRD established specially for the Project manages all three components. Leader of the Project is eng. Ivanka Videnova.

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Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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