Studena Dam

Studena dam is located in the valley of Struma river, at about 0.5 km up the village of Studena and 15 km from the town of Pernik, Sofia Region.

The dam was constructed in 1953-195, mainly for the regulation of the stream of Struma river and its tributaries the rivers Matnitsa and Kladnitsa, for industrial and potable water supply in the region of the town Pernik, for energy production and protection of agricultural lands from flooding. The dam regulates water from its own catchment as well as additional water via the Vladayski and Palakariyski.



The design of Studena dam comprises: concrete dam wall with frontal spillway and energy dissipater, intake tower, pressure pipeline, hydro power station, derivation canal after the hydro power station. Its capacity is 25,2 million m3.

Regarding the rehabilitation of the dam within the framework of Municipal Infrastructure Development Project in Component 1 a contract is concluded with SWECO ENRGOPROEKT JSC for investigation and design of Studena dam, including designer’s supervision during construction works and preparation of final designs and details. Basing on the Terms of Reference for design the designer has investigated the dam wall site and the constructed facilities and has submitted a conceptual design for the rehabilitation of the hydro plant.

The investigation shows that the dam wall is stable but the need for rehabilitation has been established due to more than 60 years of operation without any repairs. The hydro-mechanical equipment of Studena dam has depreciated and it is technically out-of date. The spillway panels and and the closing bodies of the bottom.

Studena dam does not have a electronic system for the collection and logging the data coming from Control and Measurement System.


The following activities were done:

  • Revaluation of hydrological safety basing on the updated data;
  • Evaluation of seismic safety of the dam and auxiliary facilities;
  • Full structural investigation and study;
  • Engineering-geological investigation of the foundation and the grout curtain.

The conceptual design gives solutions about:

  • Rehabilitation of the dam wall;
  • Repair of the grout curtain;
  • Repair and reconstruction of the drilling pits;
  • Repair of the pressure pipeline and the bottom outlet;
  • Repair and replacement of hydromechanical equipment of the intake tower and the bottom outlet;
  • Scheme for temporary water supply to the town of Pernik and the region during the rehabilitation works.

    After a tender procedure under the World Bank rules the implementation of construction and assembly works was entrusted to Hidrokonstruktsyia - HBM - Karpi Consortium. Construction supervision and the function of a FIDIC engineer was assigned to DZZD MML-TK.



Regional Master Plans

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