PWTP - Studena

The purpose of Studena-Pernik PWTP is to provide potable water for the town of Pernik and the surrounding settlements by treating the row water from Studena Dam. Decades of underinvestment with limited technical and managerial capacity have caused poor conditions of the structures and the mechanical equipment .

The water supply system of the region supplies the following settlements: the town of Pernik, the town of Batanovtsi and the villages of Divotino, Lyulin, Golyamo Buchino, Meshtitsa, Vitanovtsi, Bogdanov Dol and Cherna gora.
The PWTP Pernik is designed, constructed and put in operation in 1954 and was rehabilitated in 1976.

Its long-term operation involves PWTP rehabilitation and some technical elements replacement. The objective is to continue quality drinking water supplying to about 100,000 inhabitants in the Pernik region.



Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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