Plovdivtsi Dam

Plovdivtsi dam is located in the south part of the Rhodope Mountains, in Smolyan Region, near the border with Greece, 14 km from the town of Rudozem.

The initial investigation and design were performed in 1980-1985 period. The design contains a dam wall, weir (incorporated in the wall), intake tower with shaft spillway and bottom outlet, diversion gallery and potable water treatment plant. The dam wall is of rock-fill type with asphalt-concrete diaphragm and two-row grout curtain deep 35 metres.


The wall has been built up to 20 metres (about 38% of the designed height). The dam is located on the river Iskrets.

The construction of the dam designed to be filled up with water of total volume of 2,45 million m3 strated in 2000. IN 2001 the construction works stopped.

Regarding the completion of the dam within the framework of Municipal Infrastructure Development Project in Component 1 a contract is concluded with SWECO ENRGOPROEKT JSC for investigation and design of PLovdivtsi dam and PWTP, including designer’s supervision during construction works and preparation of final designs and details. Basing on the Terms of Reference for design the designer has investigated the construction site and the constructed facilities and has submitted a conceptual design and is preparing a technical design for completion of the construction of the hydro plant.

Following the the World Bank Procurement Policies the implementation of construction and assembly works was assigned to Plovdivtsi JV. The Construction supervision and FIDIC Engineer contract was awarded to DZZD Fihtner - Rutex.


For the achievement of the objectives envisaged in the Project the following types of activities need implementing:

  • Dam wall: rock fill, asphalt-concrete diaphragm, construction of –Control-Measurement System and trench spillway;
  • Construction of potable water treatment plant (PWTP);
  • Repair works on the intake tower, bottom outlet and PWTP;
  • Reinstatement of the areas disrupted during the construction.

Construction Permit, ref. No РзС - 15, issued by the Ministry of Investment Planning on 4th June 2014, can be seen here.
Now the settlements in Rduzem Municipality, the town of Madan and Madan Municipality are supplied with water from 67 water sources – water catchments of surface water and dams. Their flow is intermittent and they are directly related to surface water – during the low water level in summer their flow decreases all of a sudden while during the high water level in spring and autumn the water quality worsens. The water to be supplied from the dam will be treated in PWTP before delivering it to the consumers.

The construction of PLovdivtsi dam will provide reliable water supply of goos quality to the population of the towns of Rudozem, Madan, Srednogortsi and to about 35 villages in the region of Smolyan with population of about 40 000 people.

The location of the dam and the adjoining facilities has been chosen so as to ensure the sustainable development of the region and public interest.




Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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