Luda Yana Dam

Luda Yana dam is located 2 km to the northeast of the town of Panagyurishte.

The construction started in 1985 and stopped in 2000. The dam consists of a dam wall, intake tower, diversion gallery, bottom outlet, spillway, potable water treatment plant



The dam wall was designed to be of fill type. It was built up to level 569,00. The water-tight material is made of clay core stepping on a reinforced concrete slab above the grout curtain.

Regarding the completion of the dam within the Municipal Infrastructure Development Project scope in Component 1 a contract is concluded with KARAVOKYRIS and Partners for investigation and design of Luda Yana dam and PWTP, including designer’s supervision during construction works and preparation of final designs and details. Basing on the Terms of Reference for design the designer has investigated the construction site and the constructed facilities and presented a conceptual and technical design for completion of the construction of the hydro plant.

Following the World Bank Procurement Policies the implementation of construction works implementation was assigned to Strabag-Stanilov JV. Construction supervision and FIDIC Engineer contract was awarded to Konsultantska Inzhenerna Grupa Ltd. Building permits for all sub-projects have been issued.



For the achievement of the objectives envisaged in the Project the following types of activities need implementing:

  • Dam wall: rock fill, armour on the slopes, clay core, construction of –Control-Measurement System and trench spillway;
  • Repair works on the intake tower and bottom outlet;
  • Construction of potable water treatment plant.

The dam will provide normal water supply to settlements in Panagryurishte, Pazardzhik and Strelcha municipalities. During the low water level in summer there is shortage of water while during the high water level seasons the water quality is bad. For the time being the water coming from the river Maritsa is delivered through a system under operation for more than 20 years with 4 pumping stations. The technical condition of the facility is maintained with high operation costs and huge quantity of power supply.

The construction of Luda Yana dam will solve the problem with the guarantee of continuous water supply and the excruciating water shortage in recent years. The dam will ensure qualitative and reliable water supply to the town of Panagyurishte and the villages of Oborishte, Poibrene, Popintsi, Banya, Bata, Levski, Elshitsa and five more villages in Pazardzhik and Strelcha municipalities. It is technically possible to provide water to Lesichevo municipality.




Regional Master Plans

Regional Master Plans will plan the development of W&S infrastructure in short-term and long-term plannings and in conformity with the EC Directives in this sphere.


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