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96 лалугери са преместени от строителната площадка на яз. "Луда Яна". Причината за промяната на досегашното им местообитание е във факта, че след завършването на язовира, планирано за 2019 г., обитаваните от животните пространства ще бъдат под вода.

By the end of July, scientists from the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will move a colony of ground squirrels in order not to be affected by the construction of the Luda Yana Dam near Panagyurishte.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works invites for submission of bids for the Rehabilitation of Studena - Pernik Potable Water Treatment Plant (Design, Supply and Installation).

The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov inspected the construction of Plovdivtsi Dam near the village of Plovdivtsi, Municipality of Rudozem. The official opening of the dam
will be this year, as such type of site is the first to be built in Bulgaria for the past three decades.

Lifetime of Studena dam wall is expected to be extended by almost 50 years after its rehabilitation, said Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Nikolay Nankov, who attended the inauguration of repair works at the dam site. 

Напредъкът на процедурите по получаване на разрешения за строеж на яз. Луда Яна, изготвянето на тръжните документи за рехабилитацията на пречиствателната станция за питейна вода Студена-Перник, както и цялостният напредък на "Проект за развитие на общинската инфраструктура" бяха обсъдени по време на мисия на Световната банка у нас в края на месец юни т.г.

The rehabilitation of Studena dam is a complex but extremely important project for the region of Pernik. We realize our responsibility, we have the will and the desire to complete the project together with its flawless execution. This is what the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova has said today at the opening of the rehabilitation of potable water supply Studena Dam near Pernik.

The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova launched the construction of "Luda Yana" Dam. The implementation of the site has been resumed today after suspension of 16-years.

For the first time in Bulgaria a dam which is in operation will be repaired without draining it. More than 90% of the repairs will be implemented under water. This has been announced by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova, who had signed a contract for rehabilitation of Studena dam.

After a 16-year break, only for the last year and a half we have initiated the construction of second potable water dam. This was stated by Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova, who together with Dipl. Eng. Johann Pyoltsl, representative of consortium "Strabag-Stanilov", officially signed the contract for construction of "Luda Yana" dam in Panagyurishte Municipality.

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